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Below are testimonials and statements written by clients and colleagues who have worked with me (identifying information has been removed to honor their confidentiality). I have not included testimonials that appear on other pages on this page. To read more testimonials please visit the Home page and the two Workshop pages.

"When Glenn first mentioned last January that he was adding hypnotherapy to his practice, I was skeptical. I associated hypnosis with quack healers, parlor games, and smarmy stage acts.  I had a lot of misconceptions: that the subject loses control of their behavior, that they are bound to absorb whatever suggestions are made by the hypnotist, without making a choice. But I trust Glenn, so I decided to give hypnosis a try. Under hypnosis, I learned I was always at choice and could access significant memories long forgotten.  The insights gleaned from these recovered memories have enabled me to put aside behaviors that are no longer beneficial.  Suggestions made during our sessions, if I chose to accept them, have been helpful to me in maintaining my focus on personal goals.  I’ve come to regard hypnotherapy as an adventure, as I often don’t know where I’ll wind up during a particular session.  Our hypnosis sessions have benefited me so greatly, that I’ve now begun to write poetry (the first serious writing I’ve done since college in the 1970’s). I’ve also started work on a novel.  When I first started working with Glenn 2+ years ago, I was overwhelmed, exhausted, grief-stricken and STUCK.  Today, I’m feeling the first true happiness I’ve felt in many years, reclaiming my creativity, and establishing richer connections with friends and family.  I gladly and wholeheartedly recommend Glenn as a gifted, creative and compassionate hypnotherapist." - Client

"Glenn- I can't tell you how much the work we did has helped me. It absolutely gave me the "pop" I needed and my mood has been much smoother. I really feel like this is the plateau that I need for a while. If I feel like this would be the right modality for me in the future, and it probably will be, I will be sure to call you then. I also am very happy to recommend you to others. Thanks for your help."

- Client

"Glenn is unique among therapists and I'm glad I've had the good fortune of working with him. He has a natural ability to see where someone is stuck in their lives and then gently assists them into their own freedom. In my case, he pointed out my underlying behavior patterns to me so that I could examine them for myself. I was the one who made great changes in my life and Glenn was the necessary gentle catalyst. It was not easy for me to be objective with myself and to see the whole picture of my life. Glenn has an uncanny skill of sensing what is going on within one and then saying just the right thing at the right time. He has a big heart and it shows in his work. Glenn is the one I will turn to in the future should I require help again in getting my life on track.  I am now living a new life filled with hope and possibilities thanks to the changes I've made as a result of working with Glenn." - Client


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"I stumbled across Glenn’s web site during a low point in my life and was particularly intrigued by the range of topics that were covered. I found the hypnosis to be invaluable and more helpful than years of previous therapy.   I was able to effortlessly quit smoking and let go of a life-long obsession with body image. Through talk therapy, Glenn helped me to gain a new perspective on relationship issues I was having and look at some faulty belief systems that I held. His approach is non-threatening and one of compassion, knowledge and understanding. The work we did together was invaluable. I highly recommend him." - Client

"I’ve noticed a change since having a hypnotherapy session with Glenn. One of the things I'm trying to accomplish is to have a closer connection with a family member. Since our last session I feel like my way of being around this family member has changed and feel like I’m making progress with them. I also feel like this change in the way I’m being is carrying over to other things in my life as well." - Client

"I find Glenn to be amazing. There are some of us clearly born to do this work and Glenn is truly one of them. I know this because I'm a colleague who has followed his career from the beginning and I have been his professional supervisor for three years. When I listen to Glenn talk about his work as a therapist I can feel his commitment to his clients. I can hear his deep interest in, and genuine caring for his clients. His excitement and curiosity about how his clients lives are evolving is infectious. Just sitting with him is inspiring! I can imagine what it is like for his clients. And if you add real smarts, practical guidance, a full bag of therapeutic skills gleaned over years of experience, a great sense of humor and keen insight then you have a wonderful mix that is Glenn. He is, stated simply, a competent and likable guy whose presence is strong and soothing at the same time. I'd refer my closest relatives and friends to him."

- Stephen Harrington, LMHC, & Past President, Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association.

"'She did not talk to people as if they were strange hard shells she had to crack open to get inside.  She talked as if she were already in the shell.  In their very shell.'  Marita Bonner(1926)   Glenn - I know the gender is wrong but this quote makes me think of you.  You bring such compassion and empathy to the work we do no matter how hard it sometimes gets."

- Former Clinical Supervisor

"I have been in counseling for a few years because of a divorce and mid-life crisis. I want to find myself desperately. I had a counselor on the cape and I was noticing she had more anger about my life than I did. When I talked to Glenn about changing to him, I felt safer, more understood and Glenn's style fit me better then my old counselor.  Glenn and I have worked through some emotional things in my life and I find him compassionate and understanding. We have also been through some mistakes on both our parts and have resolved them with grace and support. I appreciate what Glenn adds to my life work with relationships with myself and with others." - Client

"My time with Glenn has been invaluable, priceless. He helped me regain my life. By digging deep and getting to the root of the problem, and subsequently attacking the causes of my anxiety, Glenn rescued me from the pit of depression." - Mark V.

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