Confronting Racism

 Glenn Bigonet, M.A.

Social Activist for Racial Equity

Facilitating Discussions about Racism





28 Day Challenge


In this workshop we will go through and complete the 28 day challenge layed out in Layla Saad's book "Me and White Supremacy." This 10 week workshop of 3 hours per week will go into detail of most topics surrounding racism and white supremacy. This first week will be an orientation to the work and a chance to get to know eachother a bit. In the following 8 weeks we will discuss 3 of the topics that she discusses. It will be expected that each participant will prepare for each week between sessions to be ready to fully participate in each session. The final week will be one of reflection and consolidation.


Please note this workshop will be the most comprehensive and intense of the workshops I am proposing. I will be expecting a commitment  by all members to be available for every session. If you have not done any formal work on racism I suggest you try one one of the shorter workshops first to see how this work affects you and what pace may be right for you to address these issues.

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