Compassionate Acceptance


 Glenn Bigonet, M.A.

Mental Health Counselor

Certified EFT  Therapist





Alternative Lifestyles or Relationships


Many people find that they live outside of the normal everyday lifestyles or relationships common in our society. Such alternatives include but are not limited to:

  • Polyamory
  • Swinging/Open-Relationships
  • BDSM
  • Fetishes
  • Social Nudism/Naturism
  • Uncommon Spiritual Beliefs or Practices
  • Home Schooling

The Isolation of Alternative Lifestyles and Relationships

While some of these alternatives are more widely known and accepted, those who live any of them often feel misunderstood and stigmatized by friends, family, society and/or by their therapists.  They can feel that they have no one they can talk to who understands their way of being and have to face any difficulties that relate to these topics alone.  

My View and Approach

I have had exposure to a wide variety of alternative lifestyles and relationships.  We all have different ways of expressing ourselves and of meeting our vastly varied needs and desires.  I hold no negative judgments about any non-harmful behavior that consenting adults agree to.  I support you in being yourself and in you living your life in the best way possible for you.  I will provide you with knowledge and a heart-centered perspective around your choices.  I will support you in any challenges that you face surrounding your way of being, lifestyle or relationship without trying to get you to change who you are.

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