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What is Codependency?

Codependency is essentially the loss of oneself.  Codependent behavior is any behavior that someone does that they don't really want to do or would not ordinarily do as a way to gain the love of or avoid being hurt by others.  Its when you say "yes" to something when you don't really want to do it because you think another person will not like/love you or will hurt you if you say "no".

Effects of Codependency

The most common motivations of codependent behavior are to feel loved and accepted by others, or to feel safe.  In the long run codependent behavior leaves us feeling more unloved and less safe.  In short, we experience just the opposite of what we believe we will get from compromising ourselves with others.  In the moment we may feel as if we are being loved because we get positive responses from those that we are trying to impress but those responses are not about who we are.  They are in reaction to a false self that we have portrayed to our audience.  We know we are being fake and feel the only way we can be loved is to be different from who we really are.  This reality makes us feel even more unlovable which often leads to us participating more in the codependent behavior.  This vicious cycle leads codependent behavior to become an addiction for many people.  We end up compulsively compromising ourselves for the short term fix of feeling loved or safe.   We also feel less safe because we have to constantly stay on our toes trying to figure out what everyone around us wants from us.  The long term effects of codependency are feeling:


My Approach to Codependency

I will help you find the love and safety that you have always sought by helping you learn how to step into your personal power and set healthy boundaries.  I will help you learn how to break the vicious cycle of codependency by helping you improve your self-esteem and remove your sense of being broken, fake and unlovable.  Once you feel this greater sense of self-esteem, setting loving and effective boundaries will become much easier and you will no longer feel the need to compromise yourself to gain someone's love or approval. You will learn that you are loveable the way you are and you will attract people in your life that see the beauty of you without you feeling any pressure to be different than your true self.

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