Compassionate Acceptance


 Glenn Bigonet, M.A.

Mental Health Counselor

Certified EFT  Therapist







Do You Connect With Others As Deeply As You Would Like?

One of our strongest needs in life is to feel deeply connected to someone else.  This deep sense of connection is called intimacy.  Intimacy is created when we feel we are really seen by another and are really seeing them.  Although the desire for intimacy is very strong, the fear of being fully seen is often equal or greater than our desire for intimacy.  Another common fear around intimacy is the fear of losing oneself.  The internal conflict between our desire for intimacy and our fears stops many of us from having the intimacy we so much desire.  How are you with overcoming your fears and achieving true intimacy in your life?

My Approach to Intimacy Issues

Intimacy requires us to be completely vulnerable with each other. We all crave connection but the level of vulnerability required for intimacy is scary for everyone. Many people also learn that to be vulnerable is weak and should be avoided at all costs. I focus on helping my clients understand the power of our intimate connections and that we are most powerful when we have the strength to be vulnerable with another human being. This does not mean laying your underbelly out there for everyone to take advantage of. This means learning how to discern when and with who we are safe with and then stepping into the intimacy. Together we will explore what it is for you that holds you back in your intimate relationships and help you create the safety and the courage required to fully experience true intimacy in your life.        

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