Compassionate Acceptance


 Glenn Bigonet, M.A.

Mental Health Counselor

Certified EFT  Therapist





Mental Health Issues


As a trained Mental Health Counselor I have experience and training in helping people with:

My Approach to Mental Health Issues

All mental health issues are normal human behavior taken to an extreme.  Sometimes they are caused by biological/chemical differences.  Other times they are a reaction to something experienced in life.  I will help you by educating you about your condition and by providing you with tools and techniques to help you minimize its effects on your life.  One part of this process is removing the shame and stigmas that are often placed on people with mental health problems.  Hypnotherapy has proven to be very affective in treating many mental health issues and I use it when appropriate for the client.   Treatment may include helping you decide if medications will be beneficial for you.  (Note: I do not have a medical degree and cannot prescribe medications.  I do work in concert with those that can.) 

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