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Making Sense of Our Emotional Responses


"'She did not talk to people as if they were strange hard shells she had to crack open to get inside.  She talked as if she were already in the shell.  In their very shell.'  Marita Bonner(1926)   Glenn - I know the gender is wrong but this quote makes me think of you.  You bring such compassion and empathy to the work we do no matter how hard it sometimes gets."

- Former Clinical Supervisor


Clients who work with me get: 

  • Unconditional acceptance for wherever they are in their process
  • A compassionate support structure to help them through their life shifts
  • An attentive ear to listen to them
  • Insightful perspectives to help them learn about themselves as they change and grow
  • Focused direction keeping them on course when they're feeling adrift and confused
  • The benefits of over 20 years experience in helping others improve their lives


"My time with Glenn has been invaluable, priceless. He helped me regain my life. By digging deep and getting to the root of the problem, and subsequently attacking the causes of my anxiety, Glenn rescued me from the pit of depression." -Mark V.

 Are you Someone Who:

  • Feels emotions strongly?
  • Have been told you're too emotional?
  • Have trouble understanding why you're feeling what you're feeling?
  • Are told or feel like you overreact or catastrophize?
  • Feel like your emotions are controlling you instead of helping you?
  • Just don't know how to manage your feelings?
  • Is going through something major and you don't know how to manage everything you're experiencing? 

I specialize in helping people just like you

I specialize in helping people make sense of and learn how to productively be with their emotional responses. Different people experience emotions in different ways. Some people experience them in ways that feel manageable and feel as if their emotions don't effect them negatively that much in their lives. Others feel their emotions more deeply or are more sensitive. These people often feel confused, overwhelmed or out of control by their emotions. I help people make sense of what they're feeling and what they're going through. I also help my clients learn how to hold and express their feelings in ways that give them true relief as well as a sense of control over what they're experiencing.         

What are these things called emotions for anyway?

My experience is that our emotions are the most misunderstood part of the human experience. A great majority of people learn at a young age that negative emotions are something to be avoided or shut down. Few people see any positive value to these uncomfortable emotions. So why do we feel them? How are they beneficial to us? Clearly with millions of years of evolution there must be some good reason for them.

What I've learned is that emotions are essential information for our well being. There is always good reasons for why we're feeling our emotions even when we're not aware of why. The same way  that you feel pain when you step on something sharp is telling you you're hurt and need to attend to the wound, our emotions let us know when things are wrong and need to be attended to as well. If these wounds go unattended then they fester same way as unattended physical wounds do. Only by paying attention to these feelings can we really move through them to completion allowing us to shift to a place of more comfort in our lives.  

Its Okay to Ask For Help;  Seeing a Therapist Does Not Mean You Are Crazy

Most times we can work through our problems on our own just fine.  Sometimes, however, we can be too wrapped up in a problem to see a way out of it.  Other times we have never had the opportunity to learn certain skills or information that we need to overcome our challenges.  By engaging with a trained and well skilled counselor we are able to get an impartial, outside perspective in a setting that is safe and confidential.  We can also take advantage of the counselor's training and experience to gain more knowledge and skills so that we can reach our goal.

"I can’t think of a single person who makes me feel more accepted. You never make me feel like I am thinking about it wrong. The unconditionality just gets me in my core!" -Client

I am committed to treating my clients with dignity and respect, in a compassionate, accepting environment where their needs and concerns are important.  Here's what a few of my clients had to say.

Please take time to read over the pages of my website. If what you read resonates with you then email or call me to set up your initial consultation and we can begin your process toward moving forward through your goals and challenges in life.     

I welcome & accept all people regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, orientation or lifestyle.

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