Confronting Racism

 Glenn Bigonet, M.A.

Social Activist for Racial Equity

Facilitating Discussions about Racism





Reverse Racism


A claim of reverse racism is a common deflection technique used by white people when they confronted by someone who felt something they did caused racial harm or supported racism or as a response to feeling prejudiced against. The first scenario is often expressed as "you're the one making it about race, not me, so you're committing reverse racism." the second secario shows up in some form of "you're being prejudiced against me and that's reverse racism which I will not accept."


All claims of reverse racism are false. it just can't happen. There has to be a systemic power structure that supports the prejudice for it to be classified as racist. Where people of color never have that systemic power it is impossible for them to be racist. They may say or do something that is racially prejudicial but those behaviors will rarely do more than hurt the other person's feelings. When white people do something that is racially prejudicial it can lead to the harmed party getting fired, going to jail or getting killed.


My Reflections on Reverse Racism 


When I think about reverse racism I am reminded of something I learned while I was studying the dynamics of gender in our society.  "What men fear most from women, is that a woman will reject him. What women fear most from men, is that they'll rape or kill them." The contrast is dramatic and makes clear the power dynamic of the partriarchy. There is a similar dynamic along racial lines as well.  

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