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Self Empowerment


Do You Live Your Life as a Doormat or as a Bulldozer?

My experience is that most people live their lives as either a doormat (let people walk all over them) or as a bulldozer (plow anyone in their way down).  Some people go back and forth between the two.  In either case we end up disempowering ourselves and hurt ourselves and those around us.  Imagine what your life would be like if you could truly stand in your power while allowing even enabling those around you to do the same.

What Are the Ways You Disempower Yourself?

When do you not stand up for yourself?  When do you not ask for what you want or need? When do you stay quiet when you see or experience something that upsets you?  There are many ways each of us take ourselves out of our power and we are encouraged to in many ways by our society. Whenever you don't act from a place of power you are keeping yourself small and are stopping yourself from living up to your full potential.  You deserve to be fully you and in your power.

My Approach to Self Empowerment

I individualize my approach to self empowerment depending on your history and how you disempower yourself.  We may need to address related issues such as self-esteem, shame, codependency and anger management.  The end result is that you will be able to speak up for yourself and be in your power while allowing those around you to do the same.

True Self Empowerment

Real power is when:

  • We can stand up for what is right for us without pushing anyone else down.
  • Our behaviors not only empower us but empower those around us. 
  • We talk softly and are still heard.
  • We feel confident of who we are and know deep in our heart that we deserve to have the very best.
  • We can speak our truth in a loving way no matter what the situation or who we are talking to.
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