Confronting Racism

 Glenn Bigonet, M.A.

Social Activist for Racial Equality

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White Supremacy


"When I got honest with myself, I had to own up to the fact that I bought into the myth of white

superiority, silently and privately, explaining to myself the pattern of white dominance I

observed as a natural outgrowth of biologically wired superior white intelligence and ability."

Debby Irving


When most of us think of the term White Supremacy we typically think of white nationalists, or skin head, or the KKK and how they consciously think that white people are inherently better than people of color. When sociologists look at the issue of racism they see White Supremacy in much wider terms. They define white supremacy as an over arching system of thoughts behaviors and norms in our society that result in the improvement of life for whites and the holding back or hinderance of people of color. In other words white supremacy is not necessarily about individuals thinking they are better than others because of race but a deeply intrenched culture that gives advantages to white people over non-white people. If we as white people are going to effectively address racism in our society then we need to look at white supremacy with this wider definition.   


If you find yourself questioning the validity of this definition of white supremacy I encourage you to ask yourself one question: If you were to be born today and could choose what color your skin would be, what color would give you the greatest level of security in the world? What color would help you have the greatest level of success in the world? Is there a color that would increase your life expectancy? Please answer these questions from your gut and not from any progressive or politically correct frame of thinking. Statistics regularly show that white people are safer and have greater levels of success in the world overall than people of color. This greater security and success is a direct result of our culture of white supremacy that we all participate in and benefit from.          

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